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About Us

Fangafrika Wear is a brand of Afrocentric clothing. It represents a thought that believe in the ability of the emerging continent. 

It takes its inspiration in messages of great leaders, in the thought of forgotten visionaries, in the fight of generous, African or African American revolutionaries.

Far from being sententious, it boasts stylish universality of Africa, its struggles, its culture, its energy.  It highlights African cultures in the world, including in the American and Latin world. 

It is strong, colored, proud and confident in its destiny. (Fanga means strong/energy in Dioula, Mandingo language of West Africa). Fangafrika also wants a hyphen between the first and the new world, at the image of the American claiming their African heritage. However the brand is for everyone, with a utopia: create a link between cultures and change perceptions about Africa.



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