Discover the Afrocentric clothing line with a passion and purpose, and elevate your wardrobe with heritage and cultural pride!

rise africa

Only Struggle Liberates Tank Top

Rise Africa T-Shirt (Unisex) RISE AFRICA High Top Sneakers Rise Africa Snapback Only Struggle Liberates Snapback ONLY STRUGGLE LIBERATES IPHONE CASE


Where culture and pride, is what’s important inside

Fangafrika Wear is a brand of Afrocentric clothing. It represents a thought that believe in the ability of the emerging continent. It takes its inspiration in messages of great leaders, in the thought of forgotten visionaries, in the fight of generous, African or African American revolutionaries. Far from being sententious, it boasts stylish universality of Africa, its struggles, its culture, its energy. It highlights African cultures in the world, including in the American and Latin world.